CFI Job in Houston, TX


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Dutch Wings Flight School is looking for a few CFIs.

Great equipment / MX pay is 20/hr with no progressive scale, and there is an incentive program to earn your CFII/MEI.

Visit the website or give me a call at 832 620 1622, my name is Blake, for more info.


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And Blake Powell is one of the best CFIs in the Houston area. He did my instrument and part of commercial with me :)

How's AMF?


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very nice school! Small, but very confortable, nice uncontrolled airport off of southwest houston!

Will be moving to Houston to attend Dutch! Wim is great!


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Ill second dutchwings, I did my complex out there in an arrow a year and some change ago..everyone is very nice and its a great airport to fly out of. Prices are hard to beat as well. Go houston!!


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Yeah a little with Bob. He's at west houston now. I havent been to Dutch but the prices seem much better than Anson.


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Dutch Wings has a Seneca I and they are running a special on multi training for the Month of August $189 wet including fuel surcharge.

I MEI at Dutch Wings whenever I am not flying my Corporate job and would be happy to answer any other questions you have regarding multi training.