CFI Interview Process


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Can someone tell me a little about the CFI
interview process at FSI? I'm a CFII w/4 year but no dual given. Any chance they might look at me?
Hi Chris:

I went for a tour and applied many weeks ago. I was told that 0 dual given was not a problem and the recruiter told me I would get an interview. Well I never got the call to come back but talked with the recruiter several times. He says the person in charge of CFI hiring is out having back surgery. I talked with the person filling in and she had never heard of me. I talked with the recruiter again and found out he did not send my paperwork in until last week.

I don't know what to make of this and kind of gave up. I did just pass the interviews at Embry Riddle and have to return for the July 30 standards class so I can tell you that ERAU will hire you...

Good Luck!
Thanks for the info, I'm actually an ERAU grad (non-flight).. I thought about going back , but I'm not wild about living in Daytona again.. Plus the airspace is scarey congested.. I saw three midairs in 5 years. It can take as much as 45 mins just to get an ILS vector. Then again, now you get paid so I guess thats ok

G-Luck... you will enjoy it.
The process for getting on as a CFI at FSI is extensive. The recruiter does very little, you have to talk with Connie Filipe, the person out on medical leave. Don't know who is handling the process for her now.

After your resume gets to her (or her stand-in) she will set you up for an interview. For folks,like me, coming from the outside it is a week long ordeal. And I do mean ordeal. (But its worth it.) Day 1, Monday you take a 100 question test and attend a 30 minute briefing about how to make the presentation that you will do (probably Wed). The test is just from the FAA CFI test bank. No biggie. Day 2 is an interview with the center director and the #2. Day 3, Wednesday, was the presentation. Mine was 8's on pylons. Kind of tough teaching a maneuver to a pannel of 4-5 senior mgmt/CFII's. This step is where most folks have problems. Thursday I practiced in the Frasca 142, and Friday I took a sim eval. The sim was set up as a Seminole and I did two approaches, one with an engine inop.

OK, now if you pass the interview, the presentation, and the sim eval you are conditionally hired. You are not actually an employee until you finsih your CFII (if necessary) and single engine standardazation. The CFII training was great (like all training at FSI). Standardization is a 3-6 week hazing process.

Hope this gives you some insight. I decided against ERAU because of negative comments from previous students about instructor life and the $10 per hour thing.

Oh, and on the airspace issue. VRB isn't as bad as DAB, but its certianly crowded.
hey thanks for the reply willfly, the information you have provided is excellent. Sounds like an ordeal indeed, but I'm going for it. By the way, you mentioned that single engine standardization is a 3-4 week hazing process?.. do I dare ask what that means
..and are you earning some sort of income?

Also have sent a resume into FSI.

Whats the scoop on the interview? "Day 2 is an interview with the center director and the #2."