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Hi all, First off I have the opportunity to interview at a flight school in the Houston area, which is awesome! I am from Michigan and graduated from WMU in the Spring. This particular school told me to expect an interview and then a flight where they want to see my, "Flying and teaching skills." My question is what should I expect on both the interview and the flight? I am nervous because it is my first interview of the sort, but also nervous because I have never flown in the Houston area and also have never flown the aircraft I may use, the Piper Comanche (The other options are few models of C172.. but I will not know which I will fly until I get there).

Secondly, I have been in contact with another flight school in the Austin, TX area which I am also going to visit next week when I go down to the aformentioned interview. The owner is really nice and is essentially offering me a job if I am able to put enough money on the table to start my MEI training and continue it into a lowerlevel ATP course after I begin instructing for him.. which apparently would be about a half-month to a month after I arrive. My question here is does it seem like he is taking advantage of me? I would not be able to sustain myself if flight instructing if I also am paying for training as well. It sort've seems like he is interested in my inexperience because he knows that he'll get an employee and business out of it. Just wanted some other opinions.

Thanks guys!
Good luck on your interview(s). Personally, you have proven that you can teach, atleast somewhat, when you passed your CFI checkride. The interviews I had when applying (and I've only had two) were basically seeing what type of person I was. I was asked to "teach" a stall, but it was on the ground and then we did a flight. It was pretty straight forward. Don't forget to do clearing turns before each aerial maneuver. as for the second interview, I'm not sure. Like I said, I've only worked at two flight schools. But it sounds kind of fishy that he'll hire you only if you do your MEI there. When you go there, see how many students are there, how often they fly and if it is worth it to you. It may very well be worth it. Best I can say is ask questions. If you have a bad feeling in your stomach when you meet the guy, go with your gut. Best of luck and let us know how it turns out.

First off, ive only had to do two "interviews" at flight schools for CFI positions.

The first was a pretty indepth process looking at about 5 or 6 different aspects. That one was for FSA down in Vero.

After FSA I worked for a short stint at a flight school up in Ann Arbor where the interview portion was almost non existent. Basically it just was to see if I was a good fit for the school as a person and mentality, not so much my teachability. Alot of schools look at the person, as the license speaks for ability most of the time.

Also, I see you are from Wixom, I used to go to a hitting clinic up there about 10 years ago. It was some huge indoor sports complex, you might know what I am talking about.
Yeah I do know what you're talking about! My brother and Dad play alot of soccer games there.

As for the licence speaking for itself.. I do know what you mean and it makes sense. The way that they were talking to me about the interview makes it seem like it will be a very laid back experience and that they are just interested in getting to know me and make sure im atleast a competant pilot.

As for the Austin school... I am most certainly going to ask alot of questions and find out exactly what i'll have to do, and make a decision from there. I just wanted to make sure no one else on here had a situation like that, that ended badly.

Thanks for any other info anyone can give me!
Good luck.

I have had two CFI interviews.
I would say that they were more interviewing my personality instead of any teaching ability.

Be genuine and you will be fine.