CFI Initial with Jim Stokes @ OKC FSDO? Anyone?


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Hi all,
I decided to retitle my post from yesterday. Looking for any information on CFI initial with Mr. Jim Stokes.

Thanks a lot, and have a great weekend!

Thorough but fair. Expect to go over sectionals a lot, and special VFR. Think my kid had to teach him lift, but who knows, it's probaly random. other than that the PTS is your best source of gouge.

I've heard he is a really nice guy, and doesn't try to trick you or bust you for seaplane questions for a sel ride.

Good luck
Thank you Poser.... I know that there are those who do not like the idea of gouges, but I believe that the CFI is hard enough as it is, and any extra preparation, or resource that can be used SHOULD be used.

I am pretty confident with the content inside the PTS. But as we all know, each inspector has their own 'hot spots'. Thanks for the feed back, and keep it coming anyone / everyone.

I don't have anything wrong with gouge, but for the CFI the gouge always just seems to be the PTS...

You are right though...they all have their own or two areas that they like to talk about most.

Just know your stuff, relax, and enjoy the lovely ladies at Atlantic before the ride starts.