CFI in Bali


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On the other side of the planet for me, but I would be all over this if I didn't have my military commitment! From climbto350...

Web Site:

Come work for us on the beautiful island of Bali. World famous for tropical beaches, year round mild climate, low cost of living and friendly people. Salary is $2000 USD per month +15 USD per flight hour. Free luxury accomadation, meals, medical insurance are also provided. Initial travel from home country and annual air travel back home are also provided. Also visa and license conversion are paid by the company. One year minimum commitment.

Minimums: ICAO recognized license, 400TT (200 logged instruction) current medical and passport. Single people are preferred applicants, as medical and benefits are not provided for families.

Wow... if ever the thought of "if it sounds too good to be true..." came to mind. Applied just to see what kind of crazy phone call I get, if any. :D
seriously, this sounds too good to be true. Keep us posted because I'm curious now.
They charge $17,000 for a Private, no wonder the can afford to pay. Sounds like American Flyers, except they don't pay.
Sounds too good to be true, and you know what they say.

I would love to hear from someone that is out there.
$51,000 for PPL-Comm.

I know people in the states who have spent WAYY more than that for the same licenses.
1 guy close to 100k in debt and no CFI tickets.
Nice new type of Cessna's too! Its the "Cessna Tecnam P92E!" :D
Sounds like a good gig in a cool environment.

Geez... didn't anyone tell you that all high-wing trainers are Cessnas, regardless of the badge on 'em?

Sounds like a cool gig, though it's weird to think of working at an airport you can't find on Google Maps. Alas, though, I think the girlfriend would have to dump me and take the pets with her for me to be able to take this job and, as it turns out, I rather like both she and the fuzzballs.

If anyone does apply and hear back, I'd still love to hear more details.
Look at the photo gallery, all computer modeled pictures. Must not have any facilities.:bandit:
Its on climbto350 and it wasn't reposted after the other day... I hope it wasn't a recycle... I applied with 1390TT and 650 dual given... still nothing:whatever:
Are these the same people who owned IATA in Tucson? I understand he fled to that area of the world.
Anyone heard anything back. Sent an e-mail out and no reply. I know they're still building it over there, but any word?