CFI-I Checkride


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I plan on taking my CFI-I checkride this week. My first questions is whether slow flight and stalls will be covered. I see nothing in the PTS about it, but my instructor says we need to practice that under the hood. Is this really necessary. Second, if anyone has any further gouge about the ride (this is NOT an initial CFI ride), please let me know. Am I going to have to do an arc? Thanks in advance for your help!
its very possible on the arc. Many that I have talked to that have taken it have done, no big deal though. If you can hold at a dme fix, you can do an arc. I guess it all depends on who you have. Does J. Mc. still do rides over there? He loves telling the story about doing a comm/me ride a while back over there and crashing and ending up upside down in the trees. And then he gets another plane and finishes the ride, the same day. Classic. Anyways, he loves the arc. I didnt have to do stalls or slw flt on my ride, not sure if the pts has changed though. Oral wise just make sure you know your jepps/nos cold. Now how to diagram the inst. wx is big. I know this is pretty general, but to ask for a gouge really would be dependent on who you had. Good luck to you.....