CFI hours/yr


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What is the ballpark average number of hours a cfi working full time acquires in a years time? I'm guessing it's around 200 hours per year. Is that about right?
I know my instructor gets about 100 hrs a month.. then again he has like 4 students and we all fly at least 5-6 days a week on avg.

I"m getting about 80 hours a month. Or 960/year. Although at todays personal record pace of 8.5 hours of instruction given (5 different students), it would put me at 204 hours a month.(unrealistic).
Although at todays personal record pace of 8.5 hours of instruction given (5 different students),

[/ QUOTE ] have just broken the FAR which restricts a CFI from performing more than 8 hours of instruction in a 24 hour period......
(a) Hours of training. In any 24-consecutive-hour period, a flight instructor may not conduct more than 8 hours of flight training.

Says nothing of ground instruction
about the 8 hour rule of flight instruction...

it actually isnt too hard to hit up against this rule....

I had a scenario recently where I did:

1) afternoon scenic from Redding CA around mt. shasta ( guy was a pilot, so it counted as instruction) i think 2 hrs
2) late day 2hr day / 2 hr night dual from Redding CA to Watsonville CA and back (commcercial training)
3) early AM lesson the next day in a Katana
4) mid morning lesson with a primary.

I was doin the math cuz there was some other round-of flights in there (scenic or discovery) and it wasnt looking good. But hey, I am a hungry CFI

The funniest part of the next day was when I was talking to my boss (owner of the FBO) telling him how much I was flying, he said there was no restriction under part 91 (obviously us CFI's are more onto this than HE was). I think he was seeing the green $$$ thats all...

but about the initial thread topic.... I dont fly as often as folks in the busier flight schools. Perhaps I do about 35-50 hr per month. But, this time is really fun and diverse and I am liking it...