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I realize that ATP (airline career pilot) students get first bid on the intructing jobs, when it comes to hiring. However, if I came from the outside and did the CFI/CFII/MEI courses at ATP, what would be the chances that I might get hired there? Of course, I know you have to be impressive in the interviews. Just curious if there is a waiting list for instructors like at other schools, and if they hire from outside.
I'm an ACP student that's wrapping up right now, and I want to instruct but doubt I can due to location restrictions. It isn't a sure thing even for us, who are the most qualified applicants in the nation, to get a job. We've flown 150 on the Hobbs in their paint in the past couple of months, and know their system pretty well. Available postitions still lags the job applicant column. If the job market expands again, they might have to start pulling from another pool. I know that they have in the past, but it looks a little doubtful anytime soon.

I know that two from DFW, one from Houston, at least one from Atlanta, and at least one (possibly two- can't remember is C's going to do it) from SAC are vying to enter the pool as I write this, with more to come soon.

Where do you live?
I am at FlightSafety right now working on my CFI. I came here with my PPL. I am would be willing to relocate, which is actually the attractive thing about ATP, they have 22 locations. Do all 22 locations offer the ACP program?
The ACP is offered at less than a dozen locations. The other sites offer add-on programs only.

Sig, what do you mean by "location restrictions"? I was under the impression that ACP grads staffed *all* ATPs offices.
The thing is, _I_ can't go anywhere. I need to stay at D/FW, and a slot isn't going to open here anytime soon.

We'll see.

It's a little cocky for me to assume I'd be hired anyhoo.

BTW: I got the commercial. It was a fun ride. At one point, he covered up the ENTIRE panel and made me nav with the compasss and fly outside of the cockpit. It was AWESOME.
Now that im thinking about it, Is it worth all the money if you dont get hired by atp after graduation?
I thought the good part here is earning the ME time as an instructor later.
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At one point, he covered up the ENTIRE panel

[/ QUOTE ] I can top that. On a night x-country during my Private the instructor turned off the master switch. Not such a wise thing to do, but for that few minutes it was beautiful to be suspended in space over the desert.
Working for ATP as an instructor afterwards is certainly a bonus, but the program holds it's own even if you don't take that into consideration. The ammount of ME hours you get, coupled with all the ratings and all the experience you get during your X-C phase makes the program worth it's price, working for ATP or not working for ATP.
Even if I didn't work for them now I would still have chosen the same program again, if I had to start all over.