CFI/CFII/MEI looking for work in SE Michigan


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After two years of instructing in Oregon, I moved to SE Michigan and am looking to land another flight instructing job. I would also be interested in other opportunities such as traffic watch, banner towing, glider towing, dropping skydivers, and charter/freight. I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, or information people might have on the following airports:

ARB Ann Arbor
1D2 Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal
PTK Oakland County International
VLL Oakland/Troy
DET Young
YIP Willow Run


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At ADG Lenawee County they have a very active glider club that you might be able to get some work with towing gliders.
I know it is a bit of a drive, but there is Lansing Community College. They have a pretty big program there. Not sure if they are hiring. It seems movement is very slow for instructors in Michigan these days, just like everywhere else. If you ever move over to the west side of the state I can introduce you to a few people. Good luck.
Can I add myself to this post? CFI, CFI-I, and MEI looking for work in Detroit? There isnt anything here. Been looking since last fall. Lansing's program I last heard might shut down, Eagle flight EMU's program supposedly only hires their own students as CFI's. Really, only place left is Flight 101 out at KPTK, I go in there once every few weeks to stay known, natta. Thinking about making the plunge to for AK...At least i'd still get my snow.