Cessna Grand Caravan operators??


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Hey guys and gals,

Do any of you know of charter companies that operate Cessna Grand Caravans and is going through a tough time and have couple of planes grounded?
Please let me know as I am planning on starting a charter service in Nepal and am looking for partners here in North America that operate the Grand Caravan.

Thanks everyone:rawk:
Sweet! I'll invest in your company, I'm supposed to be getting about $20 million back for cashing a check for the Queen of the Nigerian parliament. Once I get them digits I'd be glad to purchase a used caravan for your company! Just let me know if you have thought this process completely through. Believe me you don't want to get involved with sketchy people:rawk:
Double thread, here and in Lav. Probably should have only done it once.

Im no mod but I believe that is the rule.
I have a used 737-222 adv combi, I can hook you up if you would like, PM me if you're interested and I beoleve we can work something out