Cessna 150 Gyro

Mmm, Gyro

What's not to love!

If you were going to be a gyrocopter pilot would you rather have an uncertified steel cage protecting you or a known entity like a 150? I applaud whoever started building that oddity, probably a better option than a kit. I wouldn't buy or fly in it, but its nice to see that people still have enough interest in aviation to try to figure out some cheap manner of getting airborne.
I love it. Strap on a Subaru boxer up front with a prop and let ‘er rip! Home grown engineering at its finest, hold my beer and watch this!
A guy I know bought an RV7 that had a subie engine. He landed it in a strawberry field when the o2 sensor bung popped out of the exhaust and the engine shut down. Threw in an o320 after that