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I just want to start by saying that this site has been so great and everyone involved has been more than helpful. I just graduated with my Pro Pilot degree from a University and I am sort of at a turning point in my flying career and want to make sure that I go the right direction.

I am getting to the point where I miss the days where I actually got to touch the controls. So I have been researching part 135 operators (which seem to be the only ones currently hiring). I know there are a few threads already started on Central Air Southwest but none of them are very recent. There seem to be a few people that have worked/currently work at CASW and just wanted to see if there were more. I am really looking for any and all information. I am particularly interested in one of the St. Louis routes. I know they recently had a crash on a training flight in VMC just about ten miles from the house that I grew up in. It just gets me wondering about the quality of their maintenance. However, I absolutely adore the Aero Commander and realize that it is an older airplane.

I am extremely proficient with flying in the IMC and really enjoy it which makes me think that flying night cargo would be a great opportunity for me for awhile. Maybe someone out there can suggest anymore part 135 operators or places that may need an SIC with bases in the St. Louis area or an hour or so drive from it. Particularly if they would take someone VFR because I am 100 hours total time away from having IFR minimums (I have all req's met but only 1100 total 102 of which is multi) but at my current CFI job shouldn't take more than 2 months. A flight express recruiter told me 3 months ago that they would take me VFR but I wanted to get a little closer to IFR minimums. Things must have changed however because now I can't get anyone to return my calls. I do have a little money left over that I could possibly pay for an SIC type rating if that would lead to a job? Or maybe that would'nt be worth it I don't know.

I am sorry about the ramblings but it is late and I came to the realization that I really want to start doing some of my own flying and the airport that I teach at doesn't foster much networking. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love teaching but just miss the ADM aspect of flying. If anyone out there can decipher what I said and answer any of the above questions it would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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I can reply to one of your questions. I wouldn't waste any money on the SIC type. It is only needed if you fly outside of the US, and getting it is nothing more than a formality. It is easy to get. I got a BE-400 SIC type with a couple of training flights and a checkride with the check airman. The company that hires you should be able to get you an SIC type easily, if needed.


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Hopefully, I can get back to this thread later...I am sitting my 5th day of reserve and my brain is fried right now, so more later.

upup...if you want, you can PM me with any specific questions you might have about CASW.

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CASW is by all accounts I've heard personally perfectly safe. They've had some bad luck recently, but it seems like every outfit has bad periods through no systemic fault. I'll defer to the CASW guys for the more specific questions.

If you're still interested in FLX, keep after Gary. They keep him busier than a three legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond, but if you fill up his voicemail, he will eventually call you back.


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Knowing this thread is almost 3 months old....

I don't think CASW is hiring right now.... and the maintenance at Central is impecible. I personally oversaw our Chief Mechanic replace a #5 cylinder (which is buried halfway behind a firewall) in about 3 hours. Yeah, if you've ever wondered why 35 year old airplanes are still flying? It's because of the amazing AMAZING upkeep and maintenance.

You can PM me too if you have any questions... and JT (my boss) cut me a deal on some time.. message me if you want some info.