Cell phones

how is their service while traveling?

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Not too impressive!! In fact, in most areas where my T-Mobile cell phone is dead, my mothers AT&T will have great reception...

My contract is up, and I'm also looking to switch carriers... I also want one of those "cool" flip phones! Anyone have any recommendations that won't break the bank?
Hey Chicaga-

Do you like the V60? I've got a StarTAC and am heavily considering the V60 but the AT&T shop keeps talking me out of it. I figured their margin on the Nokia phones is more so they're trying to steer me in that direction.

But the V60 is saweeet!
I bought the Motorola T720 through Verizon a couple months ago. It has a color screen and I can download games and music and pictures - for a fee. The battery is only good for about 2 hours of talk time. They were having a special rebate offer at the time and it cost me only $50. That's my recommendation! Any Motorola phone is decent, I've had a Samsung and an LG, but I came back to Motorola.
I ended up going with Sprint (the PCS to PCS calling with the wife was the biggest factor). I got the unlimited "vision" plan which lets me surf the web with no airtime charges or byte-transfer charges. I can get weather and even radars - so I thought that might be helpful at some point. I can do the e-mail thing and the D/L ringers (bah) and games (cool) and all that junk.

I bought a Sanyo 4900 (this requires Flash). With the $100 instant savings going on right now the phone cost $50.

It's got a full color LCD screen, speaker phone, phone-enabled voice dialing (not the PCS service which I can access as well), calender with apoointments and to do lists and call reminders, world clock and a bunch of other cool stuff that I'll probably never, ever use.

I get 500 anytime minutes, unlimited nights, weekends, and PCS - PCS calling, no roaming (on Sprint network), free long distance and it's a dual band phone so it'll work off a non-Sprint digital network or an analog network and unlimited use of the "Vision" stuff - web access, messaging, etc. The plan costs me $55/mo.

So far I've been pretty impressed - but the Web surfing is painfully slow. It's not too bad if you stick to the PCS/WAP "friendly" sites. You can access almost any site but it's kind of like looking at the wite through a toilet paper tube (imagine holding a tube up to your monitor and looking through it at the entire screen). I can get FAA.gov to come up (it's not too graphic heavy and it loads most of the time.)

Does anybody know where I can get just straight METAR/FAs on the Web?
here's what I use. I don't know the exact page of METARs, but they're easy to find.