CE-425 (Cessna Conquest I) question


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Does anyone have a closeup picture of the Nitrogen blow down bottle site gauge showing the valve assembly?

Specifically I am looking to view the area of the T handle piston connection to the cockpit to see where the red band is exposed when the handle has been pulled.

Any help is appreciated


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I have the flight safety manual at the hangar, they normally have photos of all that stuff. I will bring it home and scan a copy for you next time I go to the airport. The system is identical to all of the 400 series Cessna's, so any 402/414/ect pilot should be able to help you out. JDE flew a 425 also, he maybe able to help you also.



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I'm in town with both of our 425's. I'll snap some pics for you this afternoon and email them when I get home. PM me your email address.