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hey doug, i hope that u take long trips, like in through the rides, do u just sit in the cockpit for 8 hours, and do u eat lunch there too, i mean when the captain is flying the plane, are u allowed to get outta there and talk to the flight attenders??.....just curious And doug, why dont delta fly 747s, wat aircraft does it fly international flights by....

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(a) No 8 hour MD-88 trips. It'd probably more like 5 hours of flight and 15 minutes of a terrifying death defying dead stick landing.

(b) The flight attendants are normally busy doing their jobs.

(c) Delta won't fly 747's because Delta doesn't own 747s... Nor do we have markets that justify a 747 like the pacific.
Nah, the auto is used for the drive to the airport!
hey doug, i cant enter the chat at {link cannot be posted..sorry} my registered id is too long, so i cant put it in...wat should i do
hey doug, i cant enter the chat. my registered id is too long, so i cant put it in...wat should i do. And guys, i hope u know that theres a chat for this website

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Hey Doug- Never knew you had a chatroom!

Nobody uses it it seems though, shame- I suppose we already spend enough of our time making messages on the boards.

Ever thought of maybe putting it on an irc server? There are a lot of free public servers around, and the ease of use is, well, easy.. except with finding a good java client.

Sorry, I won't disturb anyone anymore. Just checked out the chat after signing up, not bad, maybe more should come in sometime
HI its AL, send an email considering the cost and this is wat the panorama flight service sent me....

You may want to consider is the overall value of what you receive for your flying dollar. This is a summary of the reasons why lessons at Panorama represent a good value.

We provide an integrated approach to flight instruction--your ground instruction will correspond to the flights you will take. You get to apply what you have studied as you fly. This makes you more knowledgeable, competent, and safer as a pilot because you remember what you study. Everything you do will be more enjoyable because you know what to expect. The materials allow you to prepare for each flight using interactive computer-based study as well as textual information. Your flight instructor will go over each lesson with you before you fly. This system shortens your total training time and expense.

You will fly a Cessna 172S, the latest model coming off the production line in Independence, Kansas. This plane is recognized as a world-class trainer and general-purpose aircraft. It has a lot to offer a student pilot and can teach you a great deal for years as you progress. The planes have modern equipment that you will want to learn how to use. All of our planes have similar cockpit layouts so you will not have any difficulty using any of the 11 172s we have on line. Our maintenance is first rate, and we encourage you to look at our logbooks and compare the quality of our record keeping with that of any other flight school.

Westchester County Airport is one of the best airports at which to train. The airport will present you with numerous opportunities to interact with ATC. The FAA staff at this airport is very professional, and they work hard to do a good job. There is more work for a pilot at this airport than at many others, but you gain the skills and confidence to fly to any busy airport after you fly here. When you get your license you won't need extra costly training that many pilots require be able to handle a busy airport.

Our instructors all love their work, and they are always trying to make each flight as productive as possible. You will fly with one instructor for most of your training. In this way one person is responsible for your progress and is accountable for your safety. You and your instructor will plan for mutually convenient times to train. You determine your schedule, rate of progress, and expenses per month. You can look at the schedule and reserve your lessons on the Internet. We will be here when you want to fly because we operate 7 days a week from 6:30 AM to 12:00PM. We will accommodate you whether you want to fly every day or just twice a month.

Panorama is a family owned and operated business. While I am not one of the owners, I am here to make sure your experience is positive and productive. The entire culture of this organization is customer oriented. You can call me anytime at 914 798 0837. If I am not here I will get back to you quickly.

Our students have the option to observe lessons from the back seat. Since the airplane has a four-place intercom an observer can see and hear everything and talk to the student and instructor up front. While not logged, this observation time generally shortens the number of hours of instruction needed to earn a license and is available free of charge to students who request it.

Payment for each of your own flight lessons is due at the conclusion of that lesson. You are not bound to this flight school in any way. We do not ask for a lump sum up front. Only your satisfaction will keep you here so we work hard to keep you moving forward. Our training rates are competitive, and our success rate is very high. The hourly rates are posted on our web site, The total costs work out to about $10,000. I am not quoting the FAA minimum training, but what you can expect to pay if you are an average student.

Your actual cost depends entirely on the number of hours you need to train to reach the required level of competency--the FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight hours. Most people require more than 40. The national average is close to double the minimum, however, we often have students complete the program in 50-70 hours. It is unethical and we will not recommend you for an FAA check ride unless we are sure you meet the required level of experience, competency and safety. A discount on flight training rates is available, but it requires an up front cash outlay of $600 plus tax. You should be absolutely sure that our program is the right one for you before you make this payment because it is non-refundable. Participation in this program is not required, however, it will save you money if you are certain you are going to go ahead with your training.

Please contact me if you have any other questions or if you want to make an appointment. You will find that you will get the best possible value for your time and money from this organization.

Richard Orentzel--Director of Flight Training
914 798 0837

wat do u guys think...
This is "wat" I think. I think you could at least start spelling some words right. Its just getting a little annoying to see such spelling errors. Dont mean to hold a brother down but come on. wat=WHAT
Hey Al- before you think about flight training you should first learn how to spell, not being able to spell properly is unprofessional.