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hello , I am in a state of confusion. I always wanted to join air force but I could not due to some reason.I shifted my eye on civil aviation.
But my financial condition does not support the cost for a CPL course. I came to know about different cadet pilot programes. Most of them are not recruiting international candidates. I have a stable job but I am not satisfied as I lost interest on what i do. I have good knowldge about military aircraft.can you suggest me a career where I can use my knowldge. I am 26 & can not join Indian airforce(my natinality is Indian) as l am little old for that. :confused:
I'm surprised that the Indian military's age requirement is so low, in the United States, I think the maximum age is around 29 (correct me if I'm wrong) and higher for the Army. If you're interested in airline cadet programs, take a look at Cathay Pacific's program: It is now open to all nationalities. Etihad Airways also has an international cadet program, but it is not currently hiring. I suspect that it may be hiring again in 2010, but that's just speculation on my part. Additionally, I have heard that several Indian airlines have cadet programs for Indian citizens, but I have not researched them or anything, so I'm not sure about any specifics with them. Hope this helps! :)