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JSFirm Captain

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PGA TOUR Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida:
We presently have an opportunity for a Captain in our Aviation Department. This position is accountable to the Director of Aviation for the safe conduct of assigned flights. When assigned to a flight, the Captain has the final authority in the operation of the aircraft. Captains must ensure compliance with all federal, state, local, and foreign regulations, as well as company policies and procedures specified in the company operations manual. Our Captains are our company’s most visible representative to the passengers and must act with tact and decorum while ensuring an efficient and safe operation.

  • Check weather, all applicable NOTAMs where available, and determine fuel, and oxygen requirements
  • Determine the aircraft weight and balance
  • Ensure all flight planning requirements are met
  • Ensure aircraft is airworthy, duly registered and the required documentation is on board the aircraft
  • Ensure aircraft crew members have valid licenses, medical certificates, and passports and visas, if and when required
  • Complete aircraft pre-flight inspection before each departure as per the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Make decision necessary to start, delay, or cancel the flight
  • Deviate flight from planned route or destination when operating conditions dictate
  • Brief passengers in accordance with requirements specified in the Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Operate aircraft in accordance with manufacture’s procedures, aircraft limitations and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Be on stand-by on a rotational basis when not flying
  • Perform office duties when required
  • Ensure compliance with customs, immigration, and cabotage laws
  • Complete all post flight duties

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Not open for further replies.