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We are now actively accepting resumes and interviewing pilots for our Flight Department. If you have any questions, please call (508) 790-3122 x461, fax (508)778-6233 or you may email your resume to pilotjobs@flycapeair.com
Cessna 402 Captain Requirements


REPORTS TO: Steve Phillips/ Chief Pilot

HOURS: Full Time

PLACE: Cape Cod and Islands, Southern Florida, and Caribbean

• To be a Captain of a Cessna 402 C, ensure the safety of our passengers.

• Must be highly knowledgeable of the company manual, FAA Regulations, Operations specifications, flight manuals, and other instructions pertinent to duties.
• Must have 1500 Total Flight Hours.
• Must have 200 multi-hours.
• Must have ATP.
• Must have First Class Medical Certificate.

Just ran across this opening, thought someone here might be interested.


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I almost ended up working ramp for them on Nantucket (but then I said f... ah heck... nevermind). Anyhow, I flew up there for an interview and felt that it would have been a really awsome/friendly company to work for. Hope somebody is able to take advantage of the openings.



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I would agree, looks like a great company, to not only start out with but possably stay with. Gotta love those 402's.


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don't think so. it looks more like the lead singer from Metallica.


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One of the guys I work with used to be associated somehow with Cape Air in Bar Harbour I think. He still has a lot of his contacts there, so I might have to see what he can dig up.


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My CFI is probably going to be working for CapeAir in the next few months. As someone above mentioned, Steve Philips is the chief pilot and my CFI seems very enthusiastic about working their. He's taking the ATP written soon, and I guess the practical test too.



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Yes, That is Hetfield!! A long time ago!

Like I was saying in my earlier post, Cape Air sounds like such a great way to build hours as a low time pilot(if you consider 1200 low). But to fly around the islands and the Cape and into Boston up here in Mass must be a very nice way to spend your day. I can't even imagine how nice those routes down in the southern portion must be!!



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I thought I had read somewhere a few months back that Continental was wanting to have Cape Air fly some routes in its Micronesia network (Guam, Saipan, etc.). And I thought it included adding a couple of ATRs to Cape Air's fleet. I'll try to find where I read that.


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Cape Air has always been somewhere I would have liked/would like to work. New England and Florida are quite possibly the two top places on my list of where I'd like to live. Only problem is that you are flying single pilot piston. Hard to move upwards to the big boys with that time.

I was down in Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach this week and I saw a ton of Cape Air 402s down there. This winter I would have definitely traded places with those pilots!


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Yeah, that would be kinda cool. Only problem with that is, if you plan on moving on to an airline or larger turbine equipment somewhere else, you will face challenges. Main reason being, lack of intrument time and experience. Most of the stuff done down in the lslands and in the Keys is VFR, not much help when trying to move up. That is, if someone plans on moving up.

Talk about an easy job with the most beautiful view every friggin' day! Man that would be a fun gig for a while.


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Thats what I am saying. What is the point of upward mobility if you have everything you want?

Living and flying in the most beautiful place on earth. Good food to drink and rum to be had for cheap! I was amazed at how happy the people I met in the BVI's were. They were dirt poor but man they had it all figured out.


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I am also curious as to what the spirit of MOCHA HAGoTDI is. Anyone know?

[/ QUOTE ]

It means to Make our Customers Happy and Have a Good Time Doing It.