Cape Air

Yep, thats how they roll. Other than the one or two ATR's out in the Pacific they have no need for a right seater in a 402.
Looks like they are going to start flying outta BWI. Any cape people know what the destinations will be?
LNS and HGR. Maaayyybeee will hire some new people in the spring depending on staffing needs for the new lines. If you don't have ATP mins don't hold your breath.
Interesting. I have well over ATP mins and live 15minutes from BWI. Any thoughts on future cities?
It's hard to say. They are always looking for new EAS routes but I can't see anything more in Maryland. There was some talk a while back about a possible Ocean City run, but if it's not subsidized they won't do it. I would call pilot recruitment (either Gene Smith or Krista Poppe) at Ext. 402. Tell them you live in Maryland and are interested in those lines.

2 things though: bases are in the outstations and the contract is only good through September this year, so we could lose the lines in the fall.
Hmmm, I wonder if this C-402 opening has anything to do with their plane that did a dead stick landing??? :confused:

Did they ever say why both engines failed? Fuel?
The left fuel selector got stuck in the crossfeed possition. This has never happened before in a Cape Air 402. When the pilot switched the right selector to the left tank the right engine quit since you cannot crossfeed both engines at the same time. Therefore the fuel in the left tank was unusable and both engines quit when the right tank was exhausted.

The event is unrelated to any possible hiring. The pilot that night is in the top ten of our seniority list.
you shouldve seen the job fair here in Miami two weeks ago, despite AE, Amerijet, Arrow, and Go-Jet, Cape Air by far had the longest line...