Cantebury Place Apt Available!


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1 bedroom available in a furnished 2 bedroom apartment. $275/month plus util. You would be the sole occupant of the apartment. Cantebury place is 5 minutes from FSI and a 1 minute walk from the FSI gym. Nice community, nice place. Send a private message if interested.
FSI gym? I'm not a contender for your apartment because I won't be in Vero until the Fall, but could you fill me in on this gym and maybe some other local stuff?
Well, I shouldn't say it's a Flight Safety Gym. However as a student at Flight Safety you get to enter the local Indian River County Gym for free. (It's like a YMCA). In any case they have a full weight room, a cardio room with tread mills, bikes etc. They have a raquetball court, outdoor heated pool, basketball courts, football field, punching bags...And have many programs like aerobics and dancing.
Is the one bedroom still available? I'm currently at FSI and living in the dorms. Although the dorms are convienent I'm considering moving out. Please let me know either through jetcareers or e-mail @ Thanks!