For Sale Canon EOS 60D body kit


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I though I was going to keep it around as a spare body, but I just never use it anymore. It has magic lantern installed in the firmware. I can take it out or leave it in. Whatever you'd like. If you're not familiar with ML, there's lots of info on it on youtube. It runs fine on the 60D. The the last time I shot with it I noticed a small speck in the middle right side of the frame. The sensor just needs to be cleaned. Either I can get it done, or the buyer can. It's up to you. Some want to see the dust first before they clean it.

It's used but well taken care of and fully functioning, It comes in the original box, with battery, charger and manuals. Also included is a 16GB SD card.

Asking $550 shipped.

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photo 1-1.JPG
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These were taken with a Canon T2i (same sensor as 60D) and the EFS 55-250mm scooter2525 has.....

The 55-250 still maintains it's sharpness on long end.