Cancelling. Need my room?


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A situation has arisen that will prevent me from attending NJC. Won't go into details but it just wouldn't be a good time for me to leave town.

So. I've got a reservation at The Sahara for Sunday, Mon, Tues nights. I don't know if they'll transfer it or not to another name, but they should.

PM me if you want it and we'll exchange phone numbers and see what we can do about the reservation. I'll work with the first person who responds. If that falls through, I'll move to the next one.

I am getting on a flight from PHX to AUS in about 20 minutes and I will check messages when I get home around 12:30am CST.

I'm a little bitter about this, but it just can't be helped. Larger forces at work.

I'll see ya next year....


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they will transfer it.. i just transfered an extra room i had to a few guys...

but keep in mind they will totally refund if cancelled 72 hrs prior.


Vocals, Lyrics, Triangle, Washboard, Kittens
Don't want to forfeit that bail bond, eh? :D
Heh. That would at least make for a good story.

Nah, something closer to home.

I've not gotten any PMs yet, so y'all have until tomorrow to determine if you want the room.