Canadian Carrier (Bearskin airlines) questions


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I am currently a flight instructor and am starting to explore options for myself when I move on to flying for an airline. I am fairly certain that I would like to work at a regional for the next phase of my career and am fairly flexible as to where I move throughout the country. I have recently been looking in to operators in Canada and was wondering if anyone had any insights in to the conversion process from FAA certificates to Canadian certificates, obtaining a permit to work in Canada, and additionally about working for any carriers in Canada, specially looking in to Bearskin airlines- due to their long history and the fact they have never laid their employees off. I am not in a rush, this is still probably a year or so away, but I figured its never too early to start researching. Any and all help or insights would be greatly appreciated!


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AFAIK its just a written test. But the issue is the right to work like said above... which means you probably need to be overqualified.