Can I solo at another flight school?


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I have completed 3 solo flights this week. So with my solo endorsement can I get checked out in one of their planes and build rest of my solo time with another flight school? The reason I want to do this is my flight school cannot find a DPE for me, so I plan to take my checkride in near my college with another flight school. I would like to fly in this new area before doing my checkride.
I did something similar since after I soloed the flight school I was at closed.
Took a couple hour flight with another instructor, new set of endorsements and a new pre-solo quiz (admittedly it was also a change from a C172 to DA20). When that school closed too (no, "Lucky" isn't my middle name. It was 2006) I took about a year off. I do not remember any additional pre-solo stuff at the third school. Just a regular checkout and "let's see what you've got left to do" cleanup.