Can i get in??


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Im about to enter my senior year 03-04. My Gpa is 2.7-2.9 and i just took the SAT 1 in june. My score was a 970. I know i will pull it a little past the 1000 mark next time around. I play two varsity sports and i have a PPL. looks good i guess, but what about the GPA??? Do you think I will have a chance getting into RIDDLE? any input and extra info is welcomed.
I honestly don't think Riddle is that strict with accepting people. I have friends with worse GPA's who got in.
Weight off my shoulders for now, thanks. I'm actually taking the trip up to daytona thursday, (I live in Ft.lauderdale) hopefully i will find some more info, but as for the tuition, Loans, parents and financial aid, just have to roll with the punches and suck it up. It will be a struggle after graduation i assume, but the passion is there, thats all i care about is the cockpit, eat sleep dream.
The latest I've read on the cost is around 140K....But since you have PPL , they may have different package prices... I guess it depends on what you wise..

Let us know how it turns out...


ps... I'm in the same boat...looking for school to finish up ratings...
I honestly don't think Riddle is that strict with accepting people. I have friends with worse GPA's who got in.

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I got in with a 2.4 GPA.
I got in with a 3.7 GPA, but left with a 2.2!

I went into the engineering program with a 2.5 GPA so Aero Science isn't as picky. The major problem will be not qualifying for many scholarships to help pay for the tuition.
Yeah, my grades weren't all that great in high school either, and I got in no prob. My avg. in high school was mid-80's, and my SAT's were only like 1050. Riddle just sees the dollar signs.
140 grand for college is f*#^*^g ridiculous. Although my University is 38,000 per year, but I had a scholarship. If I didn't I would have went to UNLV, right down the street from my house for a whopping $1200 per year! 1.
seriously..i dont think they reject anyone from here.....

[/ QUOTE ]if you have less then a 2.0 they will not take you...from what they told a kid in the office the same time I was in there..he had a 1.89
Ahh yes, well we too have scholarships at the ever expensive Riddle.

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Not many, and even less if you're AeroSci.
Scholarships? Man, I wish. Sallie Mae owns my a** for the next 30 years.

See? Even says right here *holds up the letter*