Can Hydrolic brakes get jammed depressed


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One of the other students at my FBO flat spotted the right tire on the airplane i was suppose to fly today. didnt get to go unfortunatly

Any way, he said that the brake pedal had become stuck down when he hit the brakes. The pedal

Ive heard of the spings that release the brakes break before but not stay locked and hold the pedal down with it. to do that i would think you woul need a vacuum in the line to do that

What do you guys think, does it sound like a mistake trying to be covered up by a lie

I guess im just mad i didnt get to go up today. It was pretty nice out.



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Something does kind of sound fishy but I guess it would depend on what type of plane you are flying.

A broken pushrod could possible get stuck, however highly unlikely.

Most likely, the guy had his feet on the brakes when he touched down locking them up instantly on one side or both.


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the brakes on light airplanes have a small puck that when the fluid is pushed behind it it forces it out aginst the pads, and into the brake lining. This puck OFTEN gets corroded and gets stuck, the good thing is it usually gets stuck OUT with the brakes deployed. And this USUALLY happens on the ground.

So could it happen? yes. Do I think this is the case? No, He/she prob came in a little fast, with some lift still on the airplane hit the breaks and burned the tire.

That DOES happen all the time.


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That DOES happen all the time.

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In fact I locked them up on accident doing a short field landing with an instructor on board. We were heavy 2 240+ pounders in front in a 172. I was a little embarrassed