Can anyone tell me about American Flyers in Pompano Beach, Florida?


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I am considering American Flyers in Pompano Beach for my PPL (I have no flight time). FlightSafety was my first choice but time and $$$$$$ put that one to sleep... at least for now (I may consider doing my ATP there)

I would appreciate any info anyone may have on A-Flyers.
No info on "THAT" American Flyers.... But if I were you I would take a closer look at ATP.

I looked that the AF in Orlando (KISM) and for the training/time/money it was cheaper and faster to go to ATP in Jacksonville for me!

They have no Multi training (again that is KISM)

so that was a big deciding factor for me!

Have you looked into Florida Aviation Academy? They are also located at the Pompano Beach Airpark in the same building as Anthony Aviation. They offer accelerated courses (private, instrument, commercia, multi-engine, ATP, etc.) from zero time and will take you as far as you want.