Calculating Crosswind Component


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How do you calculate "your" crosswind component?

1. Do you use the steady state wind?


2. Do you use the gust factor (if there is one)?

I gotta settle a bet!


P.S. If you have a reference, that would be Excellent!
I don't know what is technically correct but in my opinion if you are smart you would use the gust factor. If the crosswind component of the gust factor is beyond your limits what would you do if you encountered a gust on short and final? Granted the likelyhood of encountering a gust might be somewhat slim, I surely would not bet my life that it won't happen right as I'm just about to touch down. That's just me though.
Whenever there's wind or gust, we'll add a few knots to our final approach speed.

At Delta, we'll at half of the steady state headwind component and all of the gust factor.
How do you calculate "your" crosswind component?
I gotta settle a bet!

[/ QUOTE ]I don't understand. How this is a bet, as though it's an algebra question with a right and a wrong answer?

It's about flying an airplane. Which way of calculating it (which may change on the way to touchdown anyway) gives "you" the information you want to land safely?