Cadet Pitot/Static head Question


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From what I remember being taught at FS, the pitot/static head on the Cadet has one pitot and two static ports. The second static port helps eliminate errors at varying AOAs. The drain holes are obviously inside the cockpit. However, I can't find a reference anywhere in the POH that talks about the static ports with any detail. Do any of you guys have a source for this topic, or were you at least taught the same thing?

Of course the Jepp books have Cessna pitot heads in all their pictures and descriptions, so they aren't any good for Pipers. Thanks for any input.
What you say is correct. There is nothing about it in the POH. I have not been bored enough to look in the maintenance manual. If you are curious, you can go out at night with a small light and shine it in the bottom hole, you will see light in the small hole in the back of the mast as well. Lawler has a pitot/static mast in his desk you can play with if you are curious.
Thanks for the reply. I'm done at Vero, so I can't stop in to look at the equipment unforunately. I'm just trying to teach a Cessna guy the pre-fright on the mighty Piper at the local FBO, and just needed to make sure I was correct! Ah, I'll be able to sleep tonight.
That it correct. There is a cutaway that they sometimes show you as well. Both of those little holes are the static port.

Remember though it's different on the arrow...