CACI - Colitis

My Flight Surgeon

Sr. Aviation Medical Examiner
The FAA has new criteria to allow the AME to issue a medical certificate when the airman has Colitis (Colitis is(Ulcerative, Regional Enteritis or Crohn's disease) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome) without going through the Special Issuance process. Applicants for first- or second- class must provide this information annually; applicants for third-class must provide the information with each required exam. Without this documentation, the AME cannot issue the medical certificate and must defer the certification decision to the FAA.
A current status report fromt he trating physician.

No or mild diarrhea with or without mild abdominal cramping.

Diagnosis is Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome

Oral steroids to not exceed the equivalent of prednisone 20 mg daily
Imuran or sulfasalazine
Steroid foams or enemas
Loperamide less than or equal to 16 mg daily with no side effects
Hycosamine - use 1-2 times a week with no side effects. Cannont fly for 48 hours after use.

No surgery in the last 6 weeks.