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Does anyone know if united a-320 and crj's have the cockpit communicaiton channel on their entertainment? I am headed down to new orleans on a crj there and an a-320 on the way back. was wondering if it would he worth it to buy the headset. how does that work anyhow....only heard about it...never listened to it.
The RJs do not have the "From the Flight Deck" channel on them, but the A-320 should, usually found on Channel Nine. It works pretty simply ... the number one radio (that handles all ATC comm) is simply played over one of the cabin audio channels.

I believe I read on United's web site that their headsets are free. Even if they weren't, I'd spend the $5 to listen to everything ... but that's just me.

I have always gotten the headsets for free but would gladly spend a couple of bucks to listen. Listening to the Pros is a great way to pass the time.
yeah, i intend on grabbing a headset then. i never carry cash and wanted to make sure i was prepared if i needed it. yeah, nothing better than listening in and knowing what is going on up front.
I don't know about other airlines, but when I've flown on NWA I was able to plug my own headphones into the same jack.
Yep, the headsets are free. I have two pairs I pilfered for my own use here!

In order to listen to "From the Flight Deck" (as it is so aptly named) or "Channel 9" as aviation people call it, just turn to Channel 9 on the arm rest, plug in your headset, and listen to it as you would the movie or crappy music station they play.
Headsets are indeed free on long as you don't mind using the same one thats been used by an indefinite number of other folks. (never bothers me, but I know some people are fussier about that sort of stuff).

Channel 9 is offered on all mainline UA aircraft at the discretion of the captain. If it is not on, ask a flight attendant if she/he/it could ask the pilots to turn it on. It's my favorite thing about UA--I only wish other airlines would offer it.