C-414 Pilot needed


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Hiring Contact:
Robert Dinozzi
E-mail: robert.dinozzi@sebsecurity.com
Phone: 914-643-7103
Fax: 914-741-1105

C-414 Pilot

Location: ossining , NY 10562, United States
Primary Aircraft:Cessna 414/421Job Description:
I am looking for a pilot to fly our 414 on an as needed/ as available basis. If you are 414 certified and are able to fly from the Poughkeepsie area please contact me and we can discuss rates availability etc.
I fly a 414A but am not "certified" I wonder how exactly they suppose a qualified applicant will have gotten their chancellor certification.
I think this is a recycled add from a few months ago, where a car dealer in NY was looking for a part time pilot... I guess I am just as 414 'certified' as you, maybe we should make up a neat looking 'certificate'?


If not, there is always the option to become 'certifiable'.
Certified as in Initial or recurrent training from someplace like FlightSafety. I've heard from people that fly 414's they go to get training because of it being presurized. And no it's not a type rating, just training.
Yea, at my previous job where I flight instructed, the insurance company required C414 training...we used ATM for our 414/421/425 training...why in the world you need all that for a turbo-twin like a 414/421 is beyond me...