Buy your own Zlin


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Once again, a big misconception that FSA is more expensive. It is up to the individual how much they plan on spending. I know some guys who spent more than I at 61 schools. I am happy to say that I finished all of my ratings through MEI early and under budget at FSA for $40K. ILS


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OK, only one Zlin and you'll like it. Seriously, I went to FS, albeit not the entire course, so I understand how guys who want to fly often can finish below budget. Part 61 doesn't make flying cheaper or more expensive necessarily. Your buds may have gone to a more expensive school than FS or didn't catch on as quickly as you.


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If I'm not mistaken the FAA went back after the Zlin was certified and
put a lifetime fatigue limit on the wings. Apparently Zlin miscalculated
the effects of akro on the airframe and after so many hours it could
actually weaken the structure.