Business Cards


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Mind sharing tips on what you have on yours?

I'm sure that putting something like TT is pointless, but is something like Insured by AOPA (if you have the insurance) worth putting on?



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basic info is really all you need, thats what business cards are for. If someone wants to know more then they will contact you.


I'd say it depends a little bit on the purpose of your card. Who are you marketing yourself to and for what ultimate purpose? Selling yourself as a CFI to weekend warriors and recreational type student pilots is different than networking for a corporate gig. The former should be a little more fun and the later a little more "corporate". At least that's my opinion.

Mine is full color and two sided, but I'm marketing to the recreational flyer and feel that's more appropriate for my target crowd.

I'll message you with a copy of mine in case it helps with ideas. I'd post it here but I think that's borderline advertising and Derg might slap me with a trout.


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Mine have my name, contact info, website addresses, services offered and airports that I will go to


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I recently received a card from a retired military pilot, now CFI/ school owner that had the usual contact info and this catch phrase:

Fought Wars Taught Pilots Caught Women

Keeping it classy.


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I have an old card from a fighter pilot from Vietnam that listed his various professions:

Hero of the Oppressed
World Traveler

Wars Fought
Revolutions Started
Governments Run
Uprisings Quelled

Tigers Tamed
Bars Emptied
Virgins Converted
Orgies Organized