Bumpy Plane Ride for New Jersey Nets!


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Tuesday, June 3
Updated: June 4, 5:30 AM ET

Flight to Texas a little too exciting for Nets

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The New Jersey Nets got some excitement en route to the NBA Finals. It wasn't exactly the excitement they were looking for.

Monday's team flight to San Antonio experienced such terrible turbulence that one player believed he would not survive the trip.

The Nets' charter flight approached the local airport at approximately the same time as a thunderstorm, the players told Bloomberg News, forcing the pilot to abort the first attempt to land. Eventually, the plane landed safely.

"It's one of three flights I felt like, 'Hey, I thought it was going to be over with,"' Nets' guard Lucious Harris told Bloomberg on Tuesday. "It was really bad. Everyone got real quiet on the plane."

"It was very, very windy," center Jason Collins told Bloomberg. "It almost seemed like the plane was flying sideways at one point. I've flown hundreds and hundreds of times and never had it that bad."

At one point, when the turbulence was at its worst, Harris yelled at the pilot to consider other landing options.

"Lucious yelled, 'Don't be a hero,"' Collins told Bloomberg.

"After a while it was like, 'Hey, we're not getting to the ground,"' Collins said. "The main thing I was thinking is, 'We don't have to land at this airport. We have the extra day. Let's go up to Dallas if we have to and we'll just drive in."'

The Nets were relieved to finally be on the ground, and they hit the practice floor for the first time on Tuesday. Game 1 against league MVP Tim Duncan and the Spurs is Wednesday night.

"It was a tough flight, but we're here," Harris told Bloomberg. "We have a job to do."

Ahahaha, I like the quote where he yelled, dont be a hero!
"It was a tough flight, but we're here," Harris told Bloomberg. "We have a job to do."

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Heh, so do the pilots and something tells me they don't need a bunch of grossly overpaid, uneducated jackasses telling them how to do their jobs.
Yeah I was in San Antonio on friday, that storm was a monster. Tops up to FL 600. I could see that sucker from 50 miles outside of the city. I definitely would not want to be flying anywhere near that freak of nature.

Game 1 didn't go too well for the poor Nets either. Go Spurs Go.
Hopefully they won't blame their loss on the flight. Last thing we need is a population of non-pilots deciding when the weather is good enough to fly in.