Bummed out!


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Hello all,

I am bummed out. I am working on my multi-commercial at the Aviator and I had to stop this week. I got out of bed Saturday morning with my head spinning. I went to the ER and the doctor said I had some kind of inner ear problem. He prescribed Meclizine (Antivert). Guess what? Here I am Tuesday morning and the condition is still no better than Saturday. I have another appoinment this afternoon with a different physician. Anyone out there ever experience this before? I have a really strict timeline to finish up my training. I commute to Ft. Pierce from Jacksonville (3-1/2 hrs) and spend the week down there in school housing. The big really big issue is my wife is due on the 4th of April. I need to finish before the baby gets here. Oh well, I suppose I will just have to ride this one out. Any support or advice greatly appreciated!


You know, I had something similar from an inner ear infection, but the doctor just told me to take antihistamines and stay off my feet. It took about a week, but it went away entirely.
Thanks for the response Doug,

I went to a physician again this afternoon. I have some fluid build up behind my right eardrum. The nurse gave me some Allegra. I sure hope this clears up in a couple of days! I have been spinning around for four days now. Not fun at all!

It isn't at all, I know how you feel.

I used basic OTC antihistamines and claritin and it cleared up after a few days.

The hardest part is when you wake up in the morning and then the room starts spinning and your first thought is, "Holy crap, my career is over."
Hey are you down in FPR? I go to Aviator as well...if you want to see a good physician you should check out Dr. Allen or Dr. Autin (Autin is down in Saint Lucie though)...hope everything works out!
Hey ILS,

I will be back at the Aviator tomorrow. Scheduled at noon with Hans. I would like to meet you if you get a chance.