Buddy Pass for Back Up


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I was hoping someone could help me out with a buddy pass on DL to use as my back up if I can't get out of LAS on AA. I non-rev as a D2P so I am low on the list and loads out of LAS bad. Also what is the cost of a PB?
well, you know a buddy pass is an S4...so that's like the lowest of the low on DL

how does a D2P compare to an S4?
I know it is low, that is why I want to use it as a back up. I should be ok on AA but you know how it is. One CX flight and I am up a creek.
Gonzo, where are you coming in from? Loads on US into Vegas have been pretty good as of late.

Let me know.
No more directs from ATL.

ORD and DFW loads are crap on the 18th.

Sorry to not be a help.
we might be able to help if you really want to go that route....loads look ok but you know they always change at the last minute, so it really depends on which flight you want to take

These flights would be straight ATL-LAS