Bringing flight bag & contents on commercial flight?


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I have to head down to Florida in a couple of days to pick up an aircraft and ferry it home to Maine. I would love to be able to just take a carry on, but I am worried about the contents. None of the items seem to be of worry to me, but I have not flown commercial in a long time so I am a little unsure what is allowed these days. In particular I would hate to have to check my headset, transceiver, & GPS. Anyone have any recent experience carrying these items on?
There was just a post about this, but I will repeat what was said. Most people did not have any trouble at all over the course of many flights. One person did say they had been searched because of it but then had the manager of the company that was on duty that day give a personal apology because of it. So, no, probably should be able too. If they do question it, just explain what you are doing. Personally I would NOT pack my headset and GPS especially if they are particularly nice.
I flew to Vegas in Seattle with all of my stuff, and had no problems. I made sure to take out my fuel tester and knife though.