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After each flight I try and rub the leading edges down with hot water and sometimes a mix of alcohol. Then a thorough drying.


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Plexus plastic cleaner works good on the hawkers. Spray can, gets bugs out of the TKS panels, and makes 'er shine real nice like. Permatex makes a plastic cleaner that does good as well but it's a bit more time consuming (wipe on, dry, wipe off, etc.), so I just use that stuff on the screens to keep out the scratches.


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Any cleaning product recommendation to keep brightwork polished? (without using a buffer)
For day-to-day take the bugs off stuff, I would use any acrylic cleaner such as Plexus or Prist. My favorite by far is "MS" Cleaner. Use with a microfiber, or DuPont Sonarta rags.

For an actual polish, even by hand, Nuvite "S" cut. Don't expect a short day, either....if you are going to do it, do it right.