For Sale Box of training books


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Just moved and dug a box of old books up. All in basically new shape and as far as I know, no markings in any of them. All were bought for a collegiate 141 program, many were never touched.

Jeppesen private pilot textbook
Jeppesen instrument/commercial textbook
Jeppesen multi engine textbook
Jeppesen aviation weather textbook
Jeppesen flight instructor textbook
The turbine pilot's flight manual
The advanced pilot's flight manual
Transport category aircraft systems (Jepp)
FAA instrument flying handbook
FAA aviation weather services
FAA instrument procedures handbook
FAA weight and balance handbook
Gleim commercial pilot knowledge test
Gleim aviation weather services
Max Trescott's G1000 handbook
Human factors in flight
Aerodynamics, engines, and systems for the professional pilot

Would prefer to sell the whole lot to a new student type.