For Sale Bose quiet comfort 2 headset


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This is a noise canceling headset that you can buy an adapter for and use as a pilot headset. To see the adapter with mic go to It is also an ANR headset. I want to sell my bose quiet comfort 2 headset. It is like new! Here is a description:

Experience the innovative combination of the best noise reduction technology and the best headphone audio performance with the QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. The premium headphones dramatically reduce unwanted noise, and advances in Bose technology make what you want to hear sound even better. Their ergonomic design allows for a comfortable fit and the fold-flat feature makes storage of these lightweight headphones even easier.Slip on a pair of QuietComfort 2 headphones and hear your music come alive. Decades of Bose research combine with the Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone technology to deliver the ultimate in audio performance. This award-winning technology electronically identifies and reduces the unwanted noise around you. So you hear more of what you want to hear? and less of the tiresome sounds that have so often distracted you.Proprietary TriPort headphone technology also helps give you the best headphone audio performance while keeping the design compact and streamlined. Unlike conventional, bulky noise reduction headphones, QuietComfort 2 headphones are lightweight and comfortable. Listening to your favorite music, you may even forget you have them on.Whether you take them on a trip or to the office, your QuietComfort 2 headphones will fold flat to store easily in a bag or briefcase. A single detachable audio cable gives you easy access to portable players, home stereos and in-flight entertainment systems, all with less tangling than two-cable designs. That same cable can be removed so your headphones can go "cordless" when you simply want the benefits of noise reduction.

Here are some pictures:









They are in great shape! I dont know what happened to the bose bag so i dont have it. You will get free shipping to anywhere in the USA.


New they cost $299.00!!!
What's the passive noise reduction on the Bose if the batteries fail?

terrible. I have a pair and, while the ANR is okay, you would be out of luck if the batteries died. the green headphones im wearing in my avatar (i don't know what they are, they were given to me by the FBO for my first flight) have better overall noise reduction (and its only passive) compared to my bose quiet comfort
Thanks Ahmed! That was my impression. The headset you are wearing the avatar is by Dave Clark...they all look the same. Someday, they will make some in a color other than military green
But the battery last for 40 hours in the bose headset. I just keep an extra battery in my flight bag. I have not ever had a problem with the battery running down or the headset not blocking enough of the cockpit noise. I heard about this from a pilot that flys a Cessna Caraven and a Navajo everyday and he loves them. So yes there is some pros and cons to them.