Bose customer service sucks - am I being unreasonable


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About 10 years ago I bought a Bose X headset and it worked great until my boss used it and broke a wire about 2.5 years ago. I sent it in to have it overhauled and converted to the AA battery pack from the 9V. Started a new job and in our Kingair web I transmit the the transmission cuts in and out. Other Bose X headsets work fine. Called Bose and they want another 175 to overhaul it. Now I already have 1300 wrapped up in this thing and in my opinion they should look at the headset and fix it for free. They are supposed to be the best aren't they. I have a friend with a 30 year old DC and dc fixed it for free after 30 years. Have other friends with Light Speed and their customer service is excellent as well.

I was considering buying a new A20 but now am rethinking if this is how they are going to treat customers.

Sorry just had to rant.


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I will continue to go back to companies that will service products even after the warranty has expired. A little investment on their part can keep a customer around for a long time.


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Warranty on the repair is only 90 days. I don't expect them to fix it for life but when you spend that kind of money it would be nice for them to be a little more willing I guess. Called DC last year or a child conversion kit for my old h10-13.4 and they sent it right out no charge. That headset is 15 years old. Guess I just got spoiled with their customer service. I still might send in the X for overhaul just undecided at this point.


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Do you take your car to the dealer after the warranty expires and expect free repairs? If you want "free" repairs go buy a DC. Oh, wait their ANR sucks. Guess you're SOL.


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DC has to have customer service like that. Their regular headsets are as good as anyone's but they don't even compare to the ANR on the market. I had to use my DC when a cord got cut on my Bose, and I had no idea how much the Bose was doing or how much the DC sucked.


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Yeah I have been using my DC in the Kingair and thankfully our flights are mostly less than an hour. They don't call them David Clamps for nothing.

For those that have upgraded from the X to the A20. Are they worth it?


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Get a Zulu2. I have never paid for a repair on my original Zulus and they are well passed the warranty period.

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I have a pair of A20's and I love them. Everyone knows the Bro isnt the quietest of aircraft. Sometimes I have to glance at the Tq to see if the engines are still runnings these things are so quiet. Mine are about a year old. Last month, my bose quit working all together. Their customer service sent me a complete new wire unit to bolt to the headset and sure enough that did the trick. They were right, it was a broken wire. The sent it to me fedex, I had it on the next day, and a return box for me to ship the old one back. Two days, 15 minutes of my time, and NO money. I am very happy.


Never really understood Bose' high standing in aviation, in the pro-audio world they are a joke.


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Sennheiser makes a damn good product, wish i could justify their aviation headset.
I have the Sennheiser S-1 headset, and I've never owned a headset that can cancel noise as well as this thing. It features an adaptive noise cancellation button on the left earcup. Pressing the button will cause the headset to adjust to higher or lower noise environments and change the ANR level as required. I previously owned a pair of Bose-X's, and the ANR on my Sennheiser's blows the Bose away.

Plus, the Sennheiser headset also has clamp pressure adjustment, so you can change the headset clamping pressure to your personal preference. The problem I can possibly think of is that the S-1's aren't TSO'd, so if you fly 121/135, it may be a problem.

The Sennheiser S-1 is quite expensive, but I have found that the quality justifies the price.


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Never really understood Bose' high standing in aviation, in the pro-audio world they are a joke.
They make a great product ... in aviation. I was surprised, but then after using it I just shrugged and bought one. ^.^ I haven't ever looked back.



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You aught to tour the factory at Bose in the aviation department. Great group of guys. They may even give you new earmuffs just for coming in. They love their job.

.. or you can go see the Chinese making the Zulus taking away our American jobs. Then you can complain about Cirrus and Beech getting bought out by them as well.

5 year warranty is not unreasonable. Pay them the $175 and get great service.


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Love the Bose. Love the DC. Both made in my home, massachusetts. Use 'em both.

I would rather pay more for a product that won't break and the maker will stand behind.

My Martin guitar wasn't cheap, but they will fix it - for life - free, in addition to being the best guitar I've ever played.


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When I got my A20s last month the first takeoff with them was weird, we were accelerating but I had no way of hearing that the engines were on!


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Lightspeed. KDoersom This is the very reason I bought Lightspeed. Times 2. I've got the Zulu, and the Zulu2. I like them both, they both have their flaws. But the customer service is top notch. I sent the Zulu2 back with a faulty transmitter box, and they looked up my name, serial number, and had me send it back. Sent it back OVERNIGHT, fixed, and included extra parts in the box. Also replaced everything that "looked slightly worn". Called me back after the overnight box got there, asked if it came back, and then asked me if I was wondering why they sent a return label with the box. I was. Send in the Zulu's, and we'll take care of those for you, as well.

I'm a lifer.


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Never really understood Bose' high standing in aviation, in the pro-audio world they are a joke.
I think they're a joke in aviation to. Always behind the curve with technology, features and always more expensive. In audio it's a dead give away you have no idea what you're doing - own bose.