Books/materials for CFI?


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Ok, looking at the CFI PTS, there is quite a list of things. I have a few of them, and many of them are short enough to download and print out.

For other ratings, I've been lucky to find a good deal on the complete Jeppesen kits, books needed all included in a package deal, at a discount, and then a further discount even since I found them on sale. Then supplimented with a couple other books, which I was lucky to have given to me by old pilots, that were the gov books.

So, guess the question is, anyone use the Jepp kit for CFI or is there a similar package out there. I'm into saving money buying things all at once, and not be missing a book I need to refer to.


building a bookcase soon for all this stuff
Man I have boxes full of Private and Instrument material in my closet...

Anyways if you have a good printer and lots of ink there are some VERY good internet sites that you can go to. (great articles)

Those sites all have their own very good links as well.

For actual book stuff, Gliem's Pratical test prep book is awesome (it has everything organized according to the PTS), and ASA's From the Ground Up is a great resource for everything aviation.