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Hey everybody,

I'm sure a bunch of you have read "Yeager", Chuck Yeager's Autobiography, but for those of you who haven't I recommend it.

I just finished reading it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ever since I got the aviation bug (3 years ago at 24), I've been fascinated with military aviation, specifically the "go fast" fighters. The book talks A LOT about those jets, since Chuck was a fighter pilot and a test pilot test flying all those early model jets (F-86 Sabre...).

Anyway, I highly recommend it. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble for $7.99. Now I'm going to dive into "North Star Over My Shoulder" which I recieved for Christmas.

Anybody have any comments on that book? What about "Instrument Flying" by Richard Taylor, I just started that book too.

Instrument Flying is a good read. I am much more into the 'real life' (Taylor) style of writing than I am the 'to the letter style' (Jepp books). More good ones: Flying IFR (Collins), Stick and Rudder (Langeswhich (sp)), Weather Flying (Buck).

Also I got the Sporty's AIR FACTS DVDs for Christmas by Collins. They are AWESOME. They have a HUGE amount of stuff that you can use; it's not like the boring crap that you have to sift through to find the useful stuff (like it is in 95% of aviation things); it's 100% real world useful and relevant info; also Collins has that dry and edgy kind of sense of humor that keeps you interested; and no I don't work for them!!!