Boeing Shuttle Carrier


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Sweet pictures. Thanks for the close-up. How long was the takeoff roll for that? NFW is 12,000, right?


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Nice pics. I saw that biotch roll outa Edwards the yesterday. We tried to get as close as we could the night before. I guess you need an STS 126 card or some silly stuff. That's ok, we got to watch it taxi right by while we were preflighting the next day HA!


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Still kicking myself that I didn't get to see this...

Anybody know whats on the interior of the 747?
I know the MX that travels with the plane sit in the remaining first class seats. I would guess that most of the rest is stripped though. They also had ballast in there, not sure where that fits in.


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Saw it coming into KSC from lake Apopka, heard a Cessna looked outside theres this huge 747 with a big object ontop of it ran onto flightaware sure enough with in a few mins i figured out i just saw the shuttle and a 747 :rawk::rawk: