Boeing might be going ahead with the 747advanced!!!


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Right here........

Very cool website - I really hope Boeing do go ahead with the 747advanced!!!

I have 3 flights on 747's coming up in the next few months!!! CAN'T WAIT to fly on the "Queen of the Skies" once again!!!
I guess boeing is getting worried about losing business to the a380? I did hear that airbus surpassed boeing last year in new aircraft sales/deliveries for the first time. the new interior looks real nice like the 7e7
Woh hoo! Is that the full length upper deck version? And why on earth did scarebus put the cockpit on the A380 downstairs? Not only not as good a viewpoint but it greatly hampers front cargo loading.
Well Boeing will say they are going ahead with it spend millions on teh project before declaring it infeasible.