Boeing Busted


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Boeing punished for spying

The Atlas rocket was at the heart of the disputed programme
The US Air Force has punished Boeing for resorting to industrial espionage in order to better its defence rival Lockheed Martin.
The Pentagon has barred Boeing from future rocket work and revoked $1bn worth of contracts which will be re-assigned to Lockheed Martin.

But it stopped short of banning all Boeing business units from being awarded government contracts.

Lockheed Martin sued Boeing for acquiring about 25,000 confidential documents during a 1998 contract competition.

That stolen information is thought to have helped Boeing win 21 of the 28 tendered military satellite launches, part of the Air Force's Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) programme.

Humble pie

"Boeing has committed serious and substantial violations of federal law," Air Force Undersecretary Peter Teets said.

All 78,000 employees in the three offending Boeing departments are being asked to stand down.

And the company has apologised publicly for the affair and promised to improve its ethics.

"We are extremely disappointed by the circumstances that prompted our customer's action, but we understand the US Air Force's position that unethical behaviour will not be tolerated," Boeing's chief executive Phil Condit said.

The Justice Department has launched a criminal probe into the matter and Lockheed Martin is still suing Boeing for damages.
And it turns out there is another side of the coin as the plot thickens.....

The Air Force undersecretary who pronounced judgment on Boeing was none other than Pete Teets, former CEO and President of Lockheed Martin. My friends at Boeing is going nuts over this.
Oh that wacky GOP and their political appointees! Wow. That's just nose-thumbingly blatant. I guess when you control the White House and both houses of Congress, you needn't be concerned with things like conflicts of interest!

It's almost like they don't even realize next year's an election year!
I wouldn't say that is just a GOP thing, both Parties have plenty of dirt on the other.

In other words, we have been screwed by both sides.