Bob Harless - DE- Douglas GA (DQH)


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I just wanted to write a recommendation for my favorite DE, Bob Harless of Harless Aviation in Douglas, GA. I had most of my checkrides with Bob and also sent most of my students there when I was instructing FAR 61.

Bob is a very nice guy who does an excellent job of putting applicants at ease. He is not the sort of examiner who plays tricks or messes with the student's mind. He tests to the PTS and if you know your stuff, you won't have any problems.

Bob is also fascinating to talk to. He is a DC 3 pilot and flew with the Greenland Expedition Society to recover the P 38s trapped in the ice a few years back. I believe that he actually flew their DC-3 up and landed it on the ice floe.

Douglas is located in South Georgia, but students come from all around to take their checkrides with him. I and my students traveled about 200 miles and bypassed other examiners to give him our business. I never had any complaints about the extra cost of the trip fly with Bob.

If you are a student in the vicinity of South Georgia, have your instructor call Bob's wife, Jackie, at 912/384-5513 for scheduling information.
I took my private checkride in april with bob, he was awesome! He made me feel right at ease and wasn't to ####### me when i messed up, he just made a few suggestions how to do it better. His main concern was safety (as it should be). He got me with the imaginary traffic when approaching my altitude though
I look forward to taking my instrument ride with him next.
BTW where did you instruct dave?
I taught at both Sonny's Air Service and Georgia Flight Academy at AHN (Athens - Ben Epps) and at 27A (Elberton GA) for Haralson Aviation. I also taught at a now closed FBO at AND (Anderson SC).

I went to Bob for my IFR, Commercial, and CFII. Most of my students that he checked were either PPL or IFR.
Small world. I did my private, instrument, and commercial with Bob also. He is an extraordinary examiner as mentioned, and if I were anywhere on the east coast needing an examiner, I would fly to Douglas in a heartbeat. I wanted to go up in that DC-3 for a look-see, but didn't have the time. Is that 912 area code still good...most of south GA changed to 478.
I missed that change. I'm not sure if Douglas was part of that or not. Usually for the first year you can get it with the old area code anyhow.

Where did do your training?
hey guys,
yes the area code is still 912. I have just heard some very sad news from my instructor. Bob's wife jackie died not to long ago from a stroke/ anneurism (sp?) in her brain. i was so shocked to hear it. She seemed so healthy in april. just thought i'd pass along the news.