Blast from the past


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So my nieces needed my legos for some school project and after pulling them out of the attic, I opened the box to find these still intact. I haven't played with them in over 10 years, let alone remembered that I had them, so it was fun to see where my interest used to lie and where it has led me. Even the position lights are in the correct place!



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Permission to buzz the tower?
I had both of those and the airport! I went to toys r us last summer trying to find the "new" airport and cargo plane but they had very little of any legos in stock.
I have a lego look-a-like set of a KLM plane and ground crew. It was given to me by my Dutch grandparents when I was a child. It's still assembled and sits on my night stand this moment.
I used to build a lot of airplanes with legos.

I used to have a pretty cool Chinook lego set. Then one of my friends little brothers came into my room and destroyed it and lost a lot of the pieces. That was like fifteen or sixteen years ago and I still remember it. Little bastard.
I also had that red four-engine t-tail jet, along with the two taildragger planes that came with an airshow setup.

LEGOs are awesome.
I would totally buy the Lego 787 kit if it didn't cost $80 (or were bigger).

Actually, it might be worth it just to say I built the plane faster than Boeing. :)
Ahhh LEGOs...

I have my stack of bins around here somewhere.

I also had every single airport/airplane I could get. My favorite being this 2 foot long helicopter (Bell 222?) that cost $56, that I had to save all summer for.

Then I had my own airport, terminal and tower that I built to park them all at.
Geeze, you certainly have vicious side that likes to pick on people dont you:panic::D

Sometimes people pick on people as a way to surpress their attraction for the person. "Oh maaaa gaaawwd yo roommate is cuuuuute."

No but seriously my roommate built this LEGO airport that takes up a huge chunk of the living room. Kiosks, customs facility, moving jetways, people mover. Its insane.
Dude, that is totally a BAe 146. Anyone else agree with me? Also, Legos are teh awesome. I played with them ALL THE TIME when I was a kid.