Blackberry camera pics


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Took a trip the other day from Kerrville to FXE. Unfortunately, because I travelled last-minute I didn't have my D70 with me. However, I figured it'd be fun to do an entire story from my Blackberry's camera, so here it goes. .


The Acclaim Type S climbs like a homesick angel.


Yours truly sucking the bag at FL190. You get funny inquiries over the radio when you're called out as traffic in the FLs in a Mooney. "A who wha? Oh."


My in-flight meal today is some Mocha Marble Crunch mix and some whole grain/real fig newtons, both courtesy of Whole Foods. Yum.


I accidentally left my Sudoku puzzle in the baggage area so I decided to do some math and see if the plane was performing at book numbers. It was close but not quite there. In its defense, it's not yet broken in - only had 2.2 hours on it when I picked it up in Kerrville.


17gph to go 220ktas.


One of my favorite radio stations, Lucy 54, fell victim to the XM/Sirius merger. That leaves me with Willie's Place.


If I'm listening to Willie's Place, I am wearing my boots. The two just go hand in hand. RyanmickG's shoe avatar inspired this picture.


Make sure you grab the one that hasn't been "recycled." It's the details that will get you in this business.


One of my favorite pastimes - looking down on people. ;)


Descending out of the FLs into FXE.


Landed just as the sun was setting. Perfect timing.


I was too late to make the last flight out, so I spent the night in FXE. Here's a hot tip - don't stay at the La Quinta on Powerline. The Hampton is a far better choice. Here's Airtran's Breakfast of Champions on the ride back home the next morning. Tis a glorious life we live.


This is the Dinner of Champions (Airtran, again) at my company. This photo was actually from another trip I took about a month ago but I felt silly posting it all by itself.


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Forgot the Flightaware caps.


I filed for 205 thinking I'd have to go slow to have the range. The 50 knot tailwind alleviated the need for a reduced power setting.


I think there are some groundspeeds in the 280s on this part of the log.


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Beautiful plane! Nice ground speed for it too, love me some Acclaim -S! :drool:


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One of my favorite radio stations, Lucy 54, fell victim to the XM/Sirius merger. That leaves me with Willie's Place.

Lucy was one of my favorites too, along with Ethl...I was sad when i turned it on and they were no more a few weeks ago. :( /hijack

Great shots by the way!


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Nice pictures! Your two 'drinks' aka the new one and the processed one are just WAY too close together.